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Rego Techno Solutions is a leading website design, and web development brand originating from India, and it provides unparalleled services in the core technology sector. We provide creative and technical solutions in the web technology niche, including hosting, digital marketing, and many other importance and relevant services and functions. For whatever the end goal might be, our services are brought to you by the very best website developers in India; so our final products always possess immense value and an innate sense of relevant quality.

Even in the case of e-commerce website development, our services are consistently in line with producing the desired results in the most holistic fashion imaginable. Additionally, Rego Techno Solutions offers you the chance of dealing with professionals who have 10+ years of experience at a bare minimum. As a result, our capabilities can range from static websites to more complex, and multifaceted capabilities, which blur the lines between specific software designations. However, our services also run the gamut of inculcating other services related to web design and development as well, such as that of Digital Marketing, mobile application development, etc.

Core Values

Despite businesses being separated and distinct on their own, our activities and processes intrinsically help an array of different businesses to increase every aspect of their operations to scale their business value upwards.



We strive to constantly stay ahead of the curve with regards to effectively exhibit a way forward for various partners, as well as through business networks with our insights, and constant improvements of the state of our data management systems.


Unparalleled Service

We try to stay to the exact needs of our customers; bringing about a great sense of data management and effective identification.Reacting to our customers' needs, increasing the value of data administrations and items.

Innovation and Learning

Innovation and Learning

Just like the best companies in any sector, our work processes are constantly dynamic- taking upon tasks as a challenge, finding solutions through effective learning, and proper implementation of human capabilities.

Domain Registration

Domain Registration

Our reasonable pricing standards in terms of assigning the perfect, and most appropriate domain extends across a multitude of extension access, such as .com, .in etc., which is effectively true for any need and requirement.

Web hosting

Web Hosting

Our services would also facilitate the complete determination of effective interfaces, which may access, and help in assigning a page or content anywhere as and when needed.

Web Designing & Development

Web Designing and Development

Our services are more or less targeted towards keeping the client requests.Then, we would align, and allocate necessary features, which may effectively result in the proper scalability of all possible facilitations that are central to one’s own needs.

Software Development

Software Development

We deal with a number of different approaches to software development in accordance with the client requirement and demands to the entire development process; being one of the premier mobile application development company in Pune has resulted in improved lifecycles of production, strategies for maintenance etc.

e-Commerce & Payment Gateway

Ecommerce & Payment Gateway

By translating your business onto an online platform, you can then decide other essential aspects of sales, which may be facilitated by implementing ecommerce website development, or by integrating an efficient payment gateway that may get help from cross platform development strategies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

In addition to the industry standard CRM solutions, we also happen to be the SEO Company in Pune, which can effectively help you consistently rank higher so that attention and, by extension, conversion in customers is at an all-time high across the entire world.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

Our digital marketing solutions is a continuous affair; you can effectively ask, and continue your services in great detail with one of the best digital marketing companies in Pune who will effectively look after all your marketing concerns upon the internet ways to grow your business digitally as well widely.

Direct selling software development

Direct Selling Software Development

Our programming talent, as well as all relevant efforts are directly focused upon bringing about a great sense of effectiveness that is rooted upon innovativeness and value creation. Our expertise level bring forth original software facilitations for any kind of purpose that our partners want to execute with the power of programming and software.

Business process consulting

Business Process Consulting

One of the most essential features of Rego Techno Solutions lies upon helping out, and strengthening relationship with our partners in any way possible. Among the business process consulting firms, ours has been consistent in showing actual results to other businesses, which has in combination supported the redemption of many partners, which had previously sought our help.

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