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Website Development


The core of our most apparent services comprise effective web design and development facilitations as an effective organization in Pune, India. The entire outline of facilitating the important services constitute a major portion of what can be considered as providing holistic solutions for every notable issue or problem, which may range from a variety of different standards ranging from working from the ground up, or facilitating ‘update’ related tasks effectively. The perfect balance or youthful exuberance with the experiential qualities.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application

Our mobile application development is expertized upon the basis of the exact requirements across all of our clients. We understand the fact that mobile cell phones are a definitive lifestyle of this generation; as a result, we try to make them as appealing, and as facilitating in processes as they possibly can be. We also inculcate the all-important cross platform mobile development among many other essential features. Rego, versatile mobile application development company in pune is a quickly thriving innovation.

CRM Software Development

CRM Software

CRM stands for Customer-relationship Management is an approach to manage a company's interaction with customer, when talking about some specific software development, assisting with the best CRM solutions is the foremost consideration in our minds. This is because we completely understand the multi-dimensional forces at play across the most obvious of software facilitations. Our operations encompass the importance of CRM Software Development directly to the forefront with effective software Development principles and strategies.

Direct Selling Software

Direct Selling

One of the primary ways as to why many businesses and organizations try to establish contact with us is because of creating, and providing essential MLM software solutions in a single package. Being the most recognizable MLM Software Development Company of choice, you can rest assured that the software you requested would be perfectly functional, and would follow a multi-level approach that can help you immensely throughout all your business processes and operations over the world i.e.network marketing companies in india.

Business process consulting

Business Process

Our consulting approach considers a holistic view, and a straightforward facilitation of services, all of which are specifically targeted to be as effective as possible. We tend to configure process systems that may be effective upon the business solutions as a whole, and can conspicuously help you achieve all your business objectives. We can act as your small business consultant, or just as a business consultant in Pune that can provide effective results, which are so important for any company whatsoever.Business process consulting firms can be a massive benefit to any team.

Digital Marketing


Being perhaps the most adept digital marketing company in Pune has given us a rare insight into the various functions that can produce some very effective results for your entire business state. But, our efforts go far beyond than just kick starting digital marketing in a very effective fashion across a multitude of different platforms and approaches, which may become effectively very essential for your entire business.Digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media marketing, email, and mobile apps(mobile applications).

Why Us?

Dedicated Resource

Dedicated Resource

You can rest assured about getting a particular task completed in time, and with the perfect results imaginable because we have all the important resources to satisfy your requirements before we even start our processes in earnest.

On Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery

We give importance timely execution to such an extent that we will fill entirely undeserved even if our work is slightly off the required, or expected period of time; as such, execution optimization is the key to our timely response and delivery

Online Support

Online Support

We welcome any doubts and inquires you may possess directly from our website, which has a facilitation of the most essential and important digital assistants for help and effective support.

seo Friendly Website

SEO Friendly Website

Select the important phrases and keywords that you feel would be the most appropriate when searching for your services upon the internet, and we shall make sure that you are the topmost result under any given instance

Optimized Code

Optimized Code

Well-organized and strategized piece of programmed content can go far in ensuring the positioning is perfect, as well stacking time window is effectively quite low.

Responsive Layout

Responsive Layout

Our layouts would ensure that your online representation, whether it is a website or app, should appear as perfect as anyone might imagine. Responsive web design is an approach to web design that makes web pages render well on a variety of devices.


Planning & Strategy

The first step of our project execution sees us exploring, and consolidating several ways in which every aspect of the requirements can be effectively solved. We also set the time for each particular progression within the allotted time, and start launching of the project as soon as possible.

Design & Programming

This is the phase where we actually start tackling different parts of the project assigned to a particular group, which specializes in that particular domain. Additionally, we also start the actual programming after conceptualizing the problems, and the solution in their most effective and logical formats.

Release & Promotion

After thorough integration of several distinct parts of the project under one single wing, the rough results are tested to an almost every worst way possible. This is done to eliminate all future predictions of error, or tacking stock of the incumbent problems, which might help in an altogether better product in the hands of the customers.

The Three Step Approach that defines the growth of a brand online

When you have a fantastically outlined site, it winds up fundamental to make it unmistakable to the netters as well as to the potential clients. We at REGO Techno Solutionsfocus on this initial step and are gifted in executing different techniques that direct people to your site, regardless of whether it is on PC or on versatile. When you encounter substantial movement to your site, you encounter expanded change rates. We make this conceivable by the consortium of exercises that are identified with easy to use site involvement, simple route, one of a kind substance, alluring pictures and recordings, straightforward infographics, blogging, Search Engine Optimization, specialized advancement, online life promoting and other target-situated show publicizing, email showcasing, Pay Per Click, target long-tail watchwords, blueprint microdata, looking into rivalry, and so forth. Along these lines, we expand your perceivability from the neighborhood market to the worldwide market.
When your site encounters a substantial activity, we move to our next approach of changing over each and every easygoing guest into your potential client. This is a basic level for creating brand on the web. Transformation is only the strategy that illuminates you about the quantity of clients you have drawn in with your image. Individuals commitment might be seen from an enquiry on your site, a timetable arrangement, or a buy. We influence this all to transpire by our mastery in creating novel substance, alluring website architectures, and important information. REGO Techno Solutions is swore to furnish you with most extreme conversions.
Our last level approach guarantees that you continue developing regardless of the overwhelming rivalry in the market. We not just work to expand movement to your site, however we are a stage ahead and work for building up a repeating activity to your site. We endeavor hard to make your each and every client rebound to you joyfully. It isn't just your item that will fulfill your clients; yet it is through our administration that fulfills them on the grounds that fantastic your clients is the thing that we go for. We serve to assemble your image a confided in mark in the market. The third and last advance in growing a fruitful brand online is to persistently bring guests and clients back. Creating repeating activity is a key component in building a confided in association with your gathering of people. We are drilled to create mark steadfastness and subsequently an inexorably faithful client base. REGO Techno Solutions is an IT based organization serving several its fulfilled customers through its three-level way to deal with create mark on the web. We have a significant affair on the changed advanced stages and we exceptionally surely know what does online brand improvement requests. Connect with us to develop carefully and personally.
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