5 Steps For Building A Cheap Website

The current business world has already established that you must have a website for your business representation. But building one isn’t an easy task.

So to save yourself from the trouble, you hire expensive website designers and developers. But do you really want to leak away your hard-earned money over building a website?

How would you feel when you realize that you can build a website on your own while being pocket-friendly?

That’s true and to help you with this process, we would like to break-down the list of 5 steps for building a cheap website.

1. Get An Inexpensive Hosting

The first step to building a cheap website starts with getting a reliable and inexpensive hosting. A hosting is like a digital space for your website, so it is a necessity.

Some of the biggest names in the field of web hosting are BlueHost, HostGator, GoDaddy, etc. All of these services and others hosting at very reasonable prices.

2. Select Your Domain Name

Once you have locked-in your hosting service, you’d have to give your website a unique identity. And, this can be done by choosing a relevant domain name.

The chosen domain name must compliment your business niche and it would be an added bonus if it is a SEO keyword. Most importantly, you must go for dot-com domains.

After you have selected your domain name, you must also set up a business email address with respect to your domain. All of this can be availed as a pack in several hosting plans.

3. Choose A Content Management System

Gone are the days where you’d have to manage your site with pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. Content Management Systems have already replaced them long ago.

One of the prime CMS is WordPress which offer two versions - Fully hosted and Self-hosted. Considering your business, you should go with the self-hosted version of WordPress.

The WordPress CMS will offer extensive set of tools and means in building a cheap website.

4. Select A Decent Website Theme

WordPress thrives with its free services, themes and plugins. So, it is extremely likely for you to find a free WordPress theme which can majorly contribute in your cheap website building process.

And, since the WordPress is an open source platform, you can fully customize your selected theme or even create your own.

To add more functionalities and efficiency to your site, you can also install multiple plugins, Again, these can be availed for free. If not then you’d only have to pay a few bucks for their services.

5. Add Content To Your Site

The last step in building a cheap website is adding relevant content. The content can be anything like blogs, image gallery, videos etc.

It is highly advisable to develop your own content. But you can get free graphical resources from several platforms with ease.

Final Thoughts
Now that you are aware of the 5 steps for building a cheap website, it’s your turn to get in the game.

Rest assured, this process has been tried and tested by us. You’ll be attracting numerous site visitors within no time.