Which Is The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest?

Cryptocurrencies have been developed to provide an alternate medium to physical money.

But as we all know, cryptocurrency has overtaken the physical currency in terms of value. With everything being digitized, it was almost inevitable.

So with the recent happenings, one of the hottest emerging topics is, which is the best cryptocurrency to invest?

There are several new cryptocurrencies who are claiming to be the best and futuristic. But this claim alone must not be the deciding factor for your cryptocurrency investment.

So keeping this in mind, we have curated this article to help you decide the best cryptocurrency to invest.

But first, let’s start with the basics -

What Is Cryptocurrency & Their Advantages?

Cryptocurrency is the new digital version of the money which uses cryptography for payment processing.

The first cryptocurrency is Bitcoin which was developed by the person named Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. The idea behind developing a cryptocurrency was to offer an alternate means to conventional currencies which assures highly secured transactions.

Ever since the Bitcoin came out, many other cryptocurrencies have been developed with major benefits such as -

  • Cryptocurrencies eliminate the middlemen (banks, legal institutes, etc.) and the settlements are settled by the two concerned parties alone.
  • There are no transaction fees in the cryptocurrency transactions.
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  • Inspite of being highly secure, the blockchain technology used in the cryptocurrency transactions keep everything transparent. This means that the transactions database can be viewed by everyone in the blockchain network.

And, much more than this.

Now that you know what is cryptocurrency and their advantages, you should keep certain points in mind while choosing the best cryptocurrency to invest.

Factors To Determine The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In

There are several cryptocurrencies which offer distinct benefits. But the deciding factors should be -

  • Market Adoption Rate must be higher for the corresponding cryptocurrency. The sooner the people start using it, the greater value it will return.
  • The cryptocurrency must be providing all the amenities via the new technology.
  • The cryptocurrency must be providing all the amenities via the new technology.
  • The cryptocurrency has a bright future in industry utilization and bigger market capitalization.

Here is the list of few cryptocurrencies which would be ideal for your investment ventures -

1. Bitcoin -
The first and the most common cryptocurrency available in the market is Bitcoin. Since it was the first cryptocurrency, the adoption rate is quite high for Bitcoin. Also, the market cap is gigantic.

2. Ripple -
Ripple is a viable alternative to Bitcoin and one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in. The new technology “Smart Contracts” used in the Ripple makes it an obvious option for investment.

3. Ethereum -
Ethereum is one such cryptocurrency which boasts high market capitalization values and broader industry utilization scope.

4. Litecoin -
Litecoin too meets all the above-mentioned criteria. But the transaction time in Litecoin is way better than other cryptocurrencies. This improves the chances of Litecoin for gaining much larger market capitalization value.

Final Words
Now that you know which is the best cryptocurrency to invest, it’s the right time for you to jump in.
Rest assured, the cryptocurrency investment sector is surely going to grow with time.
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