Founder & CTO Sagar Pawashe shares - Leading Business Trends 2020

Sagar Pawashe, Founder & CTO, Rego Techno Solutions sheds light on the prevalent and futuristic lead of Business trends as a part of way to 2020.

Performance marketing has been an important part of Indian digital marketing for many years back. But I believe that it’s enormous growth leading to complete evolution, cannot be overlooked and can be considered as quite an integral part of the business trends in 2020. Performance-based marketing deals with the variable price advertising instead of any fixed price set as it depends on the impact and performance of the ads and not on the number of audiences attached to any webpage.


Both the marketing strategies are very distinct but focus to make use of multiple channels to reach their potential consumers. Where multichannel marketing refers to the ability of interaction with its consumers on different platforms, omni channel marketing refers to providing its customers, the benefits of integrated shopping experience. These two approaches can be simplified in a way where multichannel means ‘many’ and omnichannel stands for ‘all’. As a brand, it is well-known that your buyer may start with one channel but will soon progress to another as per their needs and convenience.

Multi-touch attribution is used by the sales and marketing team to understand the interactions that influence conversions.


A huge growth scale has been recorded in the number of new media channels, i.e., marketplaces. For example, Amazon has emerged to be one such player in India to have recorded a growth of triple-digit in ad revenue, last year. These sites prosper because of the great buzz of customers and thus, they are considered to be a great tool for any brand of products. The growth pace of such marketplaces would soon change the outlook of performance marketing.


AMPs focus on friendly user experience. The platform is designed to provide great speed. An AMP page uses the data ten times less than that used by a mobile handset and the loading time is also three times quicker than other pages. It can be counted as one among the best SEOs for performance marketing purposes as it results in reduced bounce rate and increased CTRs. 


Youtube is not just a platform for video advertisements with a huge base of followers but also an engaging stage. Next, as a marketer, I am in awe of Tiktok which offers options for an ad like no one else and also keeps the audience engaged while making and sharing their content.

I, Sagar Pawshe, Founder & CTO at Rego Techno Solutions, firmly believe that artificial intelligence is one of the main staples that has a lot to serve on the plate. However, commitment to customer service is always the key and must always be a priority.